2-2-2, WWW. How to Resolve Any Conflict


Two attempts, Two Media, Two Days – Then Escalate

If you encounter a problem, and you are on good terms with the person who can solve it, the fastest easiest solution is to send them an electronic message.  This is your first attempt.

The best answer to the request is “problem solved”.  But, if it cannot be solved immediately, the second best answer is “Who will do What by When” – WWW.

If your colleague does not provide a solution – a real WWW, don’t send a second electronic message to them.  The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So switch the medium.  Speak to them.  This is your second attempt, having now used two media.  Ask for a WWW.

If you still don’t get a resolution, and if time permits, wait a day.  Since most of what we figure out in life happens while we’re sleeping, give their brain a night to sleep on it.  Speak with them again in the morning.

If on the second day you are unable to get a resolution, then escalate the issue to your team leader.  Do not let a problem linger unaddressed.











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