DMAIC is an acronym for “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.”  It is a structured problem solving method, part of the Six Sigma method developed at Motorola and popularized by GE.  It represents a sequence of steps where we identify a problem, then measure its effects, figure out the root cause, and develop a process improvement to eliminate the problem, preferably one that prevents it from ever recurring.

If you are brand new to DMAIC / Six Sigma, pick up Matthew May’s book The Elegant Solution, and read Chapter 15 (same title).  Although he doesn’t call it DMAIC, in my opinion, it is a most helpful illustration of DMAIC principles in practice.  May emphasizes the human emotional and motivational aspects of the process.

DMAIC shows us how driving with data can set us free from strife and enable us to evolve together.

There are millions of reference points for DMAIC on the Internet.  The Six Sigma Green Belt program teaches how to implement DMAIC.  For anyone wishing to lead change, I recommend obtaining the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.


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